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In 2008, Patrick Bridges (Owner/Operator) set out during a difficult economic time for all Americans, to bring smiles and shine to Greenville SC and the surrounding areas. The beginning was a rough start as it is for many small business owners.

With a local dealership automotive technician background, a sales background in commercial restaurant equipment and a business marketing degree, he developed a passion for automobiles and a passion for creating solutions to serve people. As a result, he created a mobile detailing service; which has subsequently grown into ProTek.

After a few years, his knowledge and skill set grew in the detailing industry, he began developing an eye for show car quality results.

As word started to spread around the Upstate of South Carolina and surrounding areas, Patrick decided to expand his detailing knowledge into the professional Paint Correction Service. This gave him the ability to start discovering all of the different types of automobile manufacturers’ clear coats and the different types of finishes to expect from various car manufactures. During this time, local body shops started calling on ProTek to work it’s magic on their freshly resprayed paint jobs to help with certain customers that had high expectations for their own show car quality vehicles.

The Paint Correction Service took off and Patrick found himself in a position where automobile wax and paint sealants just weren’t giving the protection he wanted to lock in his show quality paint corrections for years to come. He turned to Ceramic Coatings for his solution. In 2012, ProTek installed their first Ceramic Paint Coating. During this time, Patrick still ran his maintenance routes in his mobile detailing vans. This afforded him the opportunity to monitor his first Ceramic Coating on a biweekly schedule. At this point, he knew Ceramic Coatings were the future for properly protecting and maintaining new cars.

In 2017, ProTek had Ceramic Coated nearly 250 vehicles with not 1 coating failure to date. This gave Patrick the recognition of a Ceramic Coating Specialist. It has been said when one craft is mastered a new craft is to begin. Patrick made the decision to attend the most elite Paint Protection Film School in the world. During his fundamental training, Patrick claims he fell into a new passion, the Paint Protection Film Application, also known as Clear Bra Application. He invested a significant piece of his businesses capital to acquire everything needed to offer the best in Clear Bra Applications.

Patrick strives to offer the best in customer service, product testing, product development, and integrity. His level of expectation is much greater than your average detailer’s expectations; which is part of what keeps him motivated along with his passion for his Family, Automobiles, Motorcycles, and Traveling; which he says he doesn't get to do enough of.

Call to schedule an appointment today about your car care needs and you will see how much knowledge he has to share with you to ensure your automobile investment is maintained properly. ProTek, where reflections are seen and even the highest expectations are met.

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